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Force Lessons

Newton's First Law of Motion
Newton's Second Law of Motion
Newton's Third Law of Motion
Weight and Mass
Calculating Force

Understanding Force is run by a team of experienced and dedicated Physics Teachers.

After many years of individually teaching physics to hundreds of students across high school, intermediate, and Advance Level syllabuses, our team got together, with a common purpose of giving  thousands, or even millions of physics students all over the world  the opportunity to also learn from us.

We are focusing on the study of Force, and hope to including other physics topics later as we grow the site.

Knowing how difficult  lots of students find it to understand physics generally, our approach as we teach Force is to deeply simplify and explain each concept to the level an average student will be able to understand. We also treat a lot of questions on each topic so as to further increase the student's comprehension of the topics.      

Also, do feel free to check out the resources on this site, we have carefully picked them because we believe they will be very useful to you.



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